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Discord Rules

 Started by GarrisonTM

Discord Rules

Make sure to follow these rules at all times while using our community Discord or you risk yourself getting kicked or banned. Any questions can be directed at the management staff.

  • Don't troll, disrespect, threaten or harass other players.
  • Don't advertise other IPs, servers, or discord in any of our public chats.
  • We do not allow swearing of any kind on BlueFox. As we strive to maintain a PG-13 environment for the entirety of our community, we want to make sure that nobody feels uncomfortable.
  • Attempting to evade punishment given to you by using an alternative account is not allowed. If it is shown that your main account is banned and you are using an alternative account to connect to our server, you will receive a permanent ban on your alternative account and extended time on your main.
  • Do not abuse any of the bots in the Discord. They are there for the community and if they are abused, can be taken away.
  • Common sense should always be used when using the BlueFox discord.
  • Nicknames that include inappropriate language is not allowed. You will be asked to change your nickname and if you refuse, you will be removed from the discord.
  • Do not abuse any tags that you are given. If you are given the ability to tag a certain staff role, do not abuse it. These are put in place for you to alert a staff member of an ongoing situation.


By GarrisonTM, 4 months ago