Changelog 5/4/19

 Started by FlaringPhoenix


Any questions can be directed at the management staff.


  • Removed remember to vote auto message
  • Fixed join and leave messages
  • Redid colors on tablist
  • Redid colors on scoreboard
  • Changed auto message interval to 600 seconds
  • Removed valuable minerals from vip, vip+, vip++, and vip+++ kits
  • Updated preview kits GUIs
  • Updated /staff GUI
  • Redid all permissions for every rank
  • Added /dis GUI
  • Added blacksmith NPC to spawn
  • Removed vote party while we resolve the issues with it
  • Removed old spawner stack plugin due to it not working (buying new one)
  • Redid all rank prefixes and nametags in the chat and tablist
  • Completely redid /shop

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