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__Pandaaa's Moderator Application
  • What rank are you applying for for? ( Moderator or Helper ) Moderator
  • What is your minecraft username? __Pandaaa
  • What is your real first name? Chris
  • What is your discord name? __Pandaaa#4744
  • What is your email? PandaMinecraft1523@gmail.com (Gaming email)
  • How old are you? 18
  • Where are you located? United States
  • What is your timezone? CST
  • How many hours per week are you willing to put into BlueFox? Depends on the classes I happen to be taking at the time. I would aim for 7-8 on school weeks. (I could also join via Minechat if needed)
  • Why do you want to become a member of staff on BlueFox? I would like the opportunity to join the staff team because I am interested in having a major role in helping this server grow and develop. I have had past experience experience in positions such as Helper, Moderator, Admin, etc., and I would like to put that experience back to work. I am interested in helping work on server projects, helping brainstorm new ideas for improvement, assisting players when needed, and any other task needed from me.
  • Why should we accept you over other applications? I believe that I would make an excellent choice as a staff member because I would bring to the table an active, helpful, and mature (at least I like to think so 😉) candidate who has prior experience in this position. Due to my previous experience as a staff member, I believe that I would make an immediate positive impact on the server and it's community. I am a very easy person to get along with, as well as easy to work with on anything such as a server project, or solving a dispute. I would do all in my power to remain active, even if it means through Discord or Minechat (mobile).
  • Do you understand that if you are caught lying in any part of this application, your application will be instantly denied and all future chances of becoming a staff member will be zero? ( Just reply with yes or no ) yes

Sidenote: If the Moderator position is full, and Helper is all that's available, I would gladly take that position as well.

Thanks for reading!


4 months ago